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OA.mg is a search engine for academic papers, specialising in Open Access.
We have over 250 million papers in our index.

Friends and Partners
Friends and Partners
Free access to millions of research papers for everyone
OA.mg is a search engine for academic papers. Whether you are looking for a specific paper, or for research from a field, or all of an author’s works – OA.mg is the place to find it.

Universities and researchers funded by the public publish their research in papers, but where do we find and read them?
Many of them are Open Access (thanks to Plan S and other legislative efforts), but we are missing a central place to find and read them all.
Unparalleled Coverage
We have more papers in our index than anyone else. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our coverage comparison page.
We have more Open Access papers than anyone else.
Chrome Extension
Our Chrome Extension will help you download full text PDFs of papers from around the web. It has a five star rating on the Chrome Web Store and has been featured by Google.
Partner with us
Our goal is to index every journal in the world, no matter how big or small. Have you checked whether we index your journal too? If the answer is ‘no’, contact us and we will do our best to index it as soon as we can. If the answer is ‘yes’ – also contact us and we can help you promote your journal, your calls for entries, as well as your publishing services.
Engage with our audience
Do you have a product or service that our research community can benefit from? It is in our DNA and mission to bridge the gap between great products and researchers’ needs. Some of the companies we have partnered with and are happy to promote include Litmaps, Scite, GetFTR, Libkey, ReviewerCredits, PeerRef, and many more. If you’d like to work with us, let us know. Contact us